Wholesale Market

The Wholesale Market was built between 1930 and 1932 on the basis of the design of Aladár Münnich. The market was inaugurated on 18th November 1932 by Miklós Horthy, regent of Hungary. With a length of 247 m, a width of 40 m, a maximum height of 17 m and a 4 m high basement the market hall used to house a wholesale fruit and vegetable market that served Budapest and its catchment area.

The market hall has a thin-skin structural framework, with a roof consisting of 18 wide and 5 narrow free-spanning concrete shells constructed using the Zeiss-Dywidag method.

The other noteworthy building of the market is the office building which is connected to the market hall through a bridge corridor.  The four-storey building accommodated offices of the market management, wholesalers and customs officers, bank, post, restaurant and lodging. The building has Klinker brick façade and decorated by the sculptors (figures of farmer, fisherman, gardener and market-woman) of Béla Ohmann.


Copyright ©: Text and photos by Károly Teleki Industrial Heritage Hungary

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